March 20th, 2006


Draco and Seamus ~ Seamus' Flat ~ Complete

Er - Surprise?
Monday, March 20 ~ Afternoon

Draco nodded with satisfaction as he viewed the finished room. He had found out only after the fact that Friday had been Seamus' birthday and upon recalling the conversation they'd had, he'd known just the thing. The only thing left had been to wait until the man went out and Draco could get into his flat. Well, that and evicting the previous tenant of the adjacent flat in order to take the needed space.

Draco made sure the items they had discussed were properly set out and charmed, ignoring the voice telling him it was a shame to let all these preparations go to waste. Reaching for the handle of the door out of the flat he froze as it turned itself under his hand.

This could be bad. Or very, very good.

Bill, Charlie, Gabby and Luna -- Femme Fatale -- Complete

Monday, Monday, can't trust that day.
Monday, March 20th -- Late Afternoon

"Thanks for coming out with me, Charlie. I'd hate to think Gabby went to all that trouble with her loan only to get screwed over by the idiots working on her shop."

Bill gestured toward the store front of Femme Fatale before heading around back. Even though Gabby had told him to come in through the alley, he still felt a little hesitant about just walking in.

He took a deep breath, sent up a silent prayer that there wouldn't be anything mysteriously frilly hanging out in plain sight and opened the door.

"Princess? We're here."

Various Cast ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Strange Bedfellows
Monday, March 20th ~ Evening

After making sure that the bar in the living room was fully stocked, Harry checked the snacks Dobby had prepared earlier and left out.

Damn. I need to talk to Remus before the others get here. I hope he got my owl in plenty of time to get here a few minutes early.

I really don't think he'd appreciate hearing about Sirius' condition in front of Snape and company.

Hermione - Her Private Quarters in Hogwarts - Complete

Dark Side Of The Moon

Monday, March 20th - Late Evening

Hermione sat at her cramped, but neat, desk marking student papers. It had been a long night. The candle on her rolltop desk had about burnt down to an unusable nub, the dripping wax forming a solid waterfall over the edge of the pewter holder. She watched the flame waiver for a moment, quill still in hand, before she slipped the marked paper to the finished pile. With a sigh, she replaced the quill in the ink with a plop and rubbed her tired eyes. It was at this moment when she felt, more than saw, eyes watching her from the open window. Feeling a cold shudder overtake her spine and her hair prickle, she turned with a start to the dark night sky. Nothing was at the window but the softly flapping drapes and the barest light from the sliver of the night's moon through the sparse clouds.

Taking a deep breath, Hermione stood up from her chair. Attempting to convince herself that it was nothing more than her overactive imagination after a long night of reading half-arsed project papers, she decided that it was merely a ploy from her self-concious telling her to take a break and have a dose of fresh air. Walking to the window she took a quick peek behind the curtains and along the ledge on the outside castle wall. Relaxing when all seemed bare, she let her gaze drift to the grounds below. That's when she saw it: a dark shape running toward the castle. No!