March 16th, 2006


Bill, Charlie - Bill's cabin - Complete

The trouble with brothers is that sometimes, they just want to nag you.
Thursday, March 16th ~ Morning

Charlie had never been a patient man. He wasn't one to sit back and let things happen, which was why he'd decided to go hunt Bill down to get some answers. There was nothing wrong with wanting to know about his brother's wedding, was there? Besides, Bill had said it himself: he wanted them to catch up.
He rubbed his hands together as the cabin came into view. The morning was quite cold and he hoped Bill was there, otherwise he was going to turn into a block of ice, and then who would help the parents at the 'Sticks?

He blew on his fingers, snorted at the random thought that at least, around dragons, you weren't cold very often, then knocked twice, looking at the door expectantly.

Hurry up, it's freezing out there!