March 14th, 2006


Bill, Poppy, Remus, Izabel and Sirius ~ Hogwarts Infirmary ~ Incomplete

Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh
I wanna be sedated

Tuesday, March 14th ~ Early Evening

Last month's avoidance efforts hadn't been terribly effective, especially when he heard the news of the children.

For days afterward there had been a sense of unease haunting him and Bill knew that drinking himself into a stupor wouldn't work again. When the skin tingling anxiety hit tonight he wanted to be absolutely certain that... That what, Bill? That you're not turning into raving beast and eating children? You don't transform, you haven't after all these years. No matter how much the need may torture your body and mind in the light of the moon, or how you want to. Yes, want to. Admit it, Billy Boy, if it will end the urges that mess so badly with your head, you would gladly give your body over to the wolf for one night out of the month to run free in the woods. To feel truly alive like the whispers in the darkness promise.

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Ron& Hermione - Her Private Quarters in Hogwarts - Incomplete

Take Me Out To See Quidditch, Take Me Out To The Crowd...

Tuesday, March 14th - Evening

Hermione tried not to wear a hole in the rug as she paced back and forth, half-starkers, in front of the closet in her personal quarters. She had three minutes left to find something to wear before Ron would be at her door to pick her up for the Quidditch game. The problem was, should she dress in something a little less than her usual reserve for a date or dress in super-comfy-casual so as not to let on that she had feelings for him?

She tried to think back to the way he had asked her about this evening. The trouble was, he hadn't made it sound like a date...or had he? Hermione grunted at the selection in her closet and rested her head agaist the closet door jam in an exhausted thud. A half-second later, two additional thuds sounded from the other room. To Hermione's despair, she realized that it was Ron knocking. He was early!

"Just a moment!" She called, quickly wrapping a dressing robe around her so she could open the door without giving Ron a free peep show.

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Roman ~ Deep beneath his home in London ~ Complete

There is love of course.
And then there's life, its enemy.

-- Jean Anouilh

Tuesday, March 14th - Long After Dark

Floor boards groaned and Roman heard the faint telling creak of a door opening seconds before an ancient wrinkled house elf appeared at the top of the small flight of stairs. He moved slowly, carefully holding a goblet.

Roman watched from the pitch black darkness, the only light coming from the candles in the room above.

"Master," the elf acknowledge, its eyes firmly fixed on the small table where it was placing its offering. The elf knew that Master was not fully well yet and prone to fits of temper and its mate had already been severally punished for daring to look upon the Master just last month. There could be no more mistakes.

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The Watcher/Various ~ Hogwarts to Hogsmeade ~ MA ~ Complete

Bright Is The Moon High In Starlight, Chill Is The Air Cold As Steel Tonight
We Shift, Call Of The Wild, Fear In Your Eyes
It's Later Than You Realized

Tuesday, March 14th ~ Late Evening/Night

He was in there. Hidden away and trying to deny what he was. They both were, he could sense it. They were to blame, needed reminding of their place, to take responsibility for the failings of the past. He couldn't reach them here, couldn't find a way in. In anger he made another attempt to scale the walls of the fortress they had sequestered themselves in, giving a feral cry as he fell to the ground, claws no match for the stone.

Eyes opened as he rose off the ground, aches of the body fading. The nervous shifting of animals called attention and he paused as he caught their scent. Fur - blood, rushing through their veins as adrenalin coursed - but there was more.... Lingering, hanging onto his senses and teasing... They smelled of his mate, his chosen one.

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