March 13th, 2006


Molly and Charlie ~ Owl Post from The Burrow to Romania ~ Complete

Empty Nest
Monday, March 13th, Noon

My dearest Charlie,

I do wish you'd come see us for a while. We all miss you so.

Bill especially could use his brothers support. He's engaged to Gabrielle Delacour, yes Fleur Delacour's sister. I was a bit taken back by the news, your father found out through a friend of his that works at Gringotts as well. They haven't told her family yet, are trying to keep the news hush-hush until they figure out how to break it. Perhaps if you knocked some sense into him I could finally get one of my boys wed!

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long hair suspicious

Draco, Seamus and Harry ~ Draco's Penthouse ~ Complete

Merlin, Defend Me From My Friends;
From My Enemies I Can Defend Myself.
Monday, March 13th ~ Evening

Daphne had asked Harry to let her handle the situation with Draco and while Harry fully intended to honor that request, he still wanted to know what the fuck was going on. Since Daphne was at work, Harry took the chance that Draco would be at home and Apparated over without sending any notice.

That way he can't take off and make me hunt for him.

Various - The Three Broomsticks - Incomplete

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. ~ George Moore
Monday, March 13th ~ Evening

Charlie had apparated in the woods near Hogsmeade, feeling it would be safer, since he knew the place had changed and didn't want to Apparate in a wall. He'd had enough trouble with Apparition when he was younger. Of course, his choice for a place of arrival had nothing to do with the fact that Molly would most likely be waiting for him, unless the owl had gotten lost somehow. That would be brilliant...or not.

He lifted his travel bag on his shoulder, took a deep breath and walked towards Hogsmeade and the new family business, which he had incidentally never visited.

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