March 12th, 2006


Daphne and Harry ~*~ Daph's Flat ~*~ Complete

The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.
-- Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, March 12th ~*~ Evening

Dinner had been a simple affair as Daph had worked the lunch shift at the restaurant and hadn't felt like going out once she got home.

Afterward they picked a movie and settled down to watch it and Daphne was happy to be off her feet.

"It's been an exciting week, hasn't it?"
hey now

Adrian and Luna -- Hogwarts -- Complete

How You Doin'?
Sunday, March 12th -- Afternoon

It's Sunday, I should be doing... stuff. Adrian's mind kept wandering away from the papers he was supposed to be grading. Potions class shouldn't have papers assigned... I wonder how mad the students will be if tell them I "lost" the papers so they'll just have to do some sort of... project to get the grade. Too mean? They're kids, they got time. I don't want to read anymore papers.

His pity party was interrupted by a knock at his door.

Yes! Sweet distraction.

Opening the door with a grin, Adrian decided he had never been happier to see Luna.

"Hey there. You're right on time for your study session," he told her with a wink before inviting her in.

Draco, Sirius, and Remus ~ Glen Hollow to Draco's Penthouse~ Complete

Claiming Cousinship
Sunday, March 12th ~ Evening

Sirius left his room in favor of the living room, hoping that the change of scenery would clear his mind. The solitary atmosphere of the house was beginning to wear on him, and his thoughts -- particularly those that insisted upon remembering the what led him to be as he was -- left him feeling discontent.

He made himself a drink and nursed it for a while, before considering going for a walk. It would give him something to do, after all.