March 9th, 2006

Breaking News
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WWN / Various Reactions ~ Breaking News ~ Complete

A World Gone Mad. Black Lives? Lestrange Free? Pass The Bottle.
Thursday, March 9th ~ Evening

The voice of Ezekiel Brunderbluss announces, "Ladies and gentleman, we interrupt this program to bring you an important news bulletin. Damned mockery is what it is. In a just released statement to the press, the Ministry has confirmed the identity of a man claiming to be Sirius Black, thought to have been killed in the June 1996 incident in the Department of Mysteries by Bellatrix Lestrange. Although his death was testified to by those present, he has been thoroughly examined by the Ministry and declared to be living!

"As our listeners may remember, Black was cleared of all charges surrounding the deaths that landed him in Azkaban and has been released into the care of his remaining family for undisclosed reasons.

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Remus, Harry, Draco and Bill ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

One hour of life,
crowded to the full with glorious action,
and filled with noble risks,
is worth whole years of those mean observances of paltry decorum.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Thursday, March 9th ~ Late Evening

Apparating outside the gates, Harry didn't waste any time gazing at the old structure or the students milling around. He headed straight for the front doors and then Remus' office. After hearing the WWN broadcast about the release of Bellatrix Lestrange and why, he'd been stunned. He'd never questioned it when Dumbledore had told him it was impossible to retrieve Sirius.

If it's impossible - who are they saying is him? The 'Ministry' confirmed his identify, but they're also the ones who condemned him for Pettigrew and then later pardoned him. Fuck, I don't know.

Knocking lightly once on the office door, Harry didn't wait for an answer and stepped inside before closing the door behind him.

"Remus, do you really think it's him?"

Draco, Sirius, Bill, Harry and Remus ~ Malfoy Manor to Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Escape From The Manor
Thursday, March 9th ~ Late Evening to Early Morning Hours

Draco had lost his bloody mind. That was the only explanation he had as to why he was skulking through the Manor peeking in the guest suites while Potty, Lupin and Weasley waited a short distance outside the gates. 'Hurry Draco!' Like I'd grab him and pop downstairs for tea before leaving!


Draco frowned as he left another empty room. Surely he's not in the dungeons with all the press about the case? Spotting a sliver of light down the hall from a slightly ajar door down the hallway, Draco slipped quietly over to peek in.

Don't let me see Aunt Bella naked, I don't think I'd recover.