March 8th, 2006


Bellatrix, Narcissa and Sirius * Wizengamot chambers * Complete

It's hard to make up your mind with a programmed brain.
Wednesday, March 8 * Morning

"I am Bellatrix Black Lestrange, and I stand before you an innocent woman."

She sat down sedately at the table next to one of her solicitors. Her carriage was upright, every line proclaiming her breeding. Bella's hair was sleek and smooth for the first time in years. Her silken robes were pressed; her manicure, spotless.

And equal parts rage and confusion pulsed through her veins.

She wasn't catatonic, nor was she dreaming — but she found herself helpless to move or speak of her own will. She was a puppet, pulled by strings she couldn't see.

As her hearing unfolded in front of her, she was unable to do anything to further her cause.

Bellatrix hated everyone and everything.
Rita Skeeter

Various ~ WWN Live Broadcast From The Streets Of Hogsmeade ~ MA ~ Complete

"I Don't Give A Damn What Your Job Description Is, Witherpool. This. Is. My. Story!"
Wednesday, March 8th ~ Mid Afternoon

Rita looked up and down the busy street, moved over to a pleasant looking women and snatched the microphone out of her hands. "Damn it, Anastasia! This is my story! I spent the night under that table with their smelly feet - although the view wasn't bad - I deserve this! Shoo!"

Bumping the shocked woman aside, Rita smiled at the crowd and turned on the mic. "Good afternoon to all our listeners! Rita Skeeter here with a special live fuck, I hope very lively broadcast from Hogsmeade! As you may all recall, last night The Three Broomsticks held a poker tournament exclusive to men. Like I was about to stay away from that! Well ladies, it seems they have decided to make it up to us!"

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