March 5th, 2006

gonna get ya

Daphne and Harry ~ Daphne's Flat ~ Complete

We Promise According To Our Hopes
And Perform According To Our Fears.
~ Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld ~
Sunday, March 5th ~ Late Afternoon

The feelings inside Harry were mixed as he knocked on the door to Daphne's flat. He had been slightly surprised when he got her owl telling him she'd be at the flat instead of the restaurant, but it didn't make much difference. Either way, she'd be in his arms in a few moments and that might help him forget other things he'd rather not dwell on. The student deaths hadn't been solved yet and he couldn't help but wonder how much more hell Remus was going to go through before it was settled.

A nice dinner in London? I wonder if she's ever roller skated? Could be interesting if she hasn't. Wouldn't be able to use charms in front of the Muggles so she'd have to hold on to me the whole time. Darn. That would be a shame wouldn't it? he decided with a smirk on his face as the door opened.

"Hello, beautiful."