February 26th, 2006

hey now

Adrian, Izabel, Seamus, Vera and Roger -- Hogsmeade -- Incomplete

Playing Hookey
Sunday, February 26th -- Early Afternoon

Adrian and Izabel walked along the path to Hogsmeade. It seemed like a nice day to go to the pub, and Izabel didn't want to go alone so Adrian was happy to go along. He believed there was nothing wrong with drinking on a Sunday, especially if you were going to be teaching a bunch of kids the next day. Mondays were always a bother.

"Well look who's back in town." Adrian said to Izabel, gesturing to a short Irish man who just walked out of Luna's shop.

I should owl Luna sometime. Ask her if she'd be interested in scheduling a study session.

Daphne, Diane Greengrass and Harry ~*~ Greengrass Cottage and Daph's Flat ~*~ MA ~*~ Complete

Meeting Mum
Sunday, February 26th ~*~ Afternoon

There really was no reason to be nervous. At all.


Yet Daphne was pretty sure that if she'd tried to eat anything for lunch she would have been sick to her stomach.

Her Mum wanted to meet the man in her daughter's life, a simple and logical request, one she'd been hinting about for awhile - even more so after she heard they'd made up from the fight. Yet Daphne had been hesitant, as if by bringing the two most important people in her life together some how made things... uncomfortably serious. Having everyone know she was dating Harry was one thing, but meeting a parent, her parent, was more and Daphne was terrified that things would fall apart. That her Mum would show Harry pictures of Daphne naked and bathing with Mister Ducky. That Harry would think she was trying to pressure him into something, what she wasn't sure.

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