February 18th, 2006


Viktor and Izabel ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Not So Fast, Young Man. You Need To Finish Your Homework.
Saturday, February 18th ~ Afternoon

The evening out with friends had helped, but the events from the beginning of the week still weighed heavily on Izabel's mind. Normal work wasn't helping, so she decided that kicking a young man in the tush who had been doing so well at levitation was in order. Walking briskly through the castle, she smiled at the various students she encountered and pulled her outer cloak tighter as she made her way outside.

There he is.

Approaching Viktor, she waved and slowed as she got closer and gazed up at him with her teaching face in place.

"I should be vexed with you, Viktor," she advised before a smile broke out over her face. "All will be forgiven, however, if you get yourself inside and crack the books."
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Neville, Ginny and Luna at Neville's New Flat (incomplete)

A Man, Two Women, and a Few (Hundred) Boxes
Febuary 18, 2006 - midmorning.

Neville unshrunk his last few boxes, sitting back among the self-made walls around him. They surrounded him in his upper flat, making a maze of the two-bedroom and the hallways, open kitchen, and sitting room. They nearly reached the celing, stacked around him.

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