February 16th, 2006


Seamus, Ginny and Luna ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

If You Once Turn On Your Side
After The Hour At Which You Ought To Rise,
It Is All Over.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Thursday, February 16th ~ Morning

The day began for Luna when she woke up. It didn't matter what the clock told her or if it was darkest night outside. She'd decided a long time ago that there had to be a reason for waking up and she wouldn't find out what it was if she stayed in bed and fell asleep again. Hence, the middle of the night visit to the little building beside the post office. She'd finally been able to rent it and had been anxious to get started cleaning it out. There were oodles of things the previous tenant had left and until she'd looked at all of it, she wouldn't know what to get rid of. Just trashing the whole lot would be something that most people would do, but would horrify Luna. Who knew what treasures you might find.

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Harry and Daphne

Harry, Daphne and Severus ~*~ Glen Hollow ~*~ Complete

Tis plain that there is not in nature a point of stability to be found:
everything either ascends or declines. When wars are ended abroad,
sedition begins at home, and when men are freed from fighting for necessity,
they quarrel through ambition.

-- Sir Walter Scott
Thursday, February 16th ~*~ Afternoon

The telly continued to play long after Daphne had stopped paying attention.

She'd dropped in for a visit between her morning baking at the restaurant and the shift she'd have to take that night, hoping to spend a few hours with Harry during the afternoon. Normally she would have stayed at work the entire day but the thrill of newly shared love and all that other romantic gibberish which basically boiled down to "Daphne had the hots for Harry" made her risk playing hookie during the much less busy afternoon hours.

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