February 11th, 2006


Seamus, Minerva, Albus and Vera ~ Minerva's office ~ Complete

It wasn't me, Professor, honest!
Thursday, February 9th ~ Late Afternoon

Ah, the memories of his teen days at Hogwarts... Seamus would have gotten teary if not for the fact that he'd recently decided he was going to start acting manly from now on. But really, there was something in the air, something that made him nostalgic. After all, it had been his home for many years.
That was probably why he was here, actually. Because he felt like seeing the walls that had surrounded his teenage years.

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Breaking News
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WWN ~ Breaking News ~ Complete

Coverage Of A Press Release From The Ministry
Saturday, February 11th ~ Morning

The latest Weird Sisters song is cut off as an attention-getting sound chimes and the voice of Ezekiel Brunderbluss announces, "Ladies and gentleman, we interrupt this program to bring you an important news bulletin. We are going live to Horace Knickerbocker at the Ministry of Magic. Horace, are you there?"

"I am, Ezekiel and thank you. I was notified just a short time ago that Stamford Jorkins, Ministry spokesperson, was preparing to make a statement in reference to the recent activity concerning the inmates at Azkaban. As our listening audience is well aware, a lot of reforms have been taking place over the last few months. Rumors as to what these reforms are have been rampant, but the actual facts have been extremely hard to obtain."

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