February 7th, 2006

Wise old one

Remus, Harry and Albus' Portrait || Glen Hollow and Hogwarts || Complete

And the boys say, "What do you mean?"
And the boys say, "What do you mean?"
Tuesday, February 7 || Late afternoon

Probably he should have came to check on Harry sooner. But Remus had figured Harry would need at least a full day to recover from the party, sobering potion or no, and on Mondays it always difficult to get away from Hogwarts.

Today, however, classes were over and Remus had nothing better to do than pester a certain lovelorn wizard.

Remus apparated in the foyer at Glen Hollow and moved down the hall.

"Harry? You here?"
hey now

Adrian, Luna, Ginny -- Owl Post -- Incomplete

Tuesday, February 7th -- Afternoon

Adrian sat in his rooms, he had decided yesterday that he wanted to ask Luna if she'd go with him to the Valentines Ball. Taking out a parchment and quill along with some ink, he knew he shouldn't delay any longer. After all, what if someone had already asked her? He'd hate a "You snooze, you losse" reply.

That thought made him move a bit faster and he began the letter.

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There, quick and to the point.