February 6th, 2006


Diane Greengrass and Harry ~ Greengrass Cottage ~ Complete

An Invitation To Tea
Monday, February 6th ~ Afternoon

The owl inviting him to tea with Daphne's mother had been a bit of a surprise until he remembered Snape's words about her mother being a harpy.

Right, have to keep my temper in check no matter what she says, Harry decided as he walked up the path to the front door. His eyes flicked over the cottage and he couldn't help noting the details that seemed to jump out at him.

Roof needs some work. I wonder if the gutters have been cleaned out lately? The caulk in those windows is cracked. Should be replaced.

As Harry knocked on the door he took a deep breath.

Remember - patience. If you can deal with Snape and let him keep his head, Daph's mother should be easy.