February 5th, 2006


Izabel, Luna, Viktor and Adrian ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

When Thinking About Companions Gone, We Feel Ourselves Doubly alone.
~ Sir Walter Scott ~
Sunday, February 5th ~ Afternoon

Standing at the gates, Luna looked up at the castle while holding herself. The echos of those days, over five years ago seemed to start as soon as she saw the building. It looked alright to her eyes, but her spirit still felt the wounds. Hogsmeade - was different. It had been a place to visit and have fun. Its destruction had been more complete, it was true, but that hadn't been home like this ancient structure before her. The house with her father had never felt right after her mother died and while Luna knew he loved her, it hadn't been enough. The feeling of family had come back here, with those few friends that had accepted her for what she was and could never be.

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Rose, Hagrid, Izabel, Remus -- Hogwarts -- Incomplete

Tea and Such
Sunday, February 5th, Early Afternoon

Rose walked on the path to Hogwarts, she was on her way to visit Hagrid, who didn't really know she was coming. Rose's steps faltered as she began to think she really should have sent an owl first. What if he isn't there? Wait... where else would Hagrid be? This thought comforted her, after all if he wasn't at his hut he'd probably be at the castle.

Still, she thought as she approached Hagrid's hut, I really should remember to owl people instead of just showing up as a surprise. Raising her hand, Rose knocked on Hagrid's door and waited nervously.

Viktor & Rose ~ Hogwarts to The Three Broomsticks ~ Incomplete

Finding A Rose Among The Thorns
Sunday, February 5th, Evening

Things had gotten pushed back a little later than planned. With the impromptu broom ride with Luna and accompanying her to the dungeons to visit the Potions Professor, his afternoon had slipped away from him. Fortunately, after owling Rose, it seemed she was having the same problem.

Agreeing to meet him on the front steps of the castle at sunset, Viktor had arrived a bit early in his nervousness. He watched the colors of dusk paint the sky as he waited for Rose to appear.