February 4th, 2006

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WWN ~ Rita Skeeter Program, In Progress ~ Complete

What's The Wizarding Family Next To You Doing These Days?
Saturday, February 4th ~ Evening

".... and that was interesting wasn't it? I'll be sure and keep you up to date on the developments as I make them appear they occur. With all the *sniff* spectacular stories lately concerning Azkaban, which I'm sure would have been of a great deal more interest if given from the woman's point of view, I'd like to bring you something a little lighter.

"With the holidays over, many people are finding themselves in a slump. What better time to have a party, just for the sake of seeing friends and relatives. If you'd care to have a special guest that could give one sided but glowing reports of your social calender, be sure a drop me an owl here at WWN and I'll see if I can fit it in my schedule.

"I was fortunate enough to slip into such a party earlier this evening. It was termed a house warming party and in my opinion, parts of it were so scorching it should have burned the building down. The night started mind numbingly dull bland enough, with sickening heartwarming displays of incestuous undertones sibling affection and the bondage? bonds of friendship. Luckily the bar was well stocked and with the promise of men to ogle and wine to drink a colorful gathering, I settled down on a wall to observe."

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Rose and Viktor / Viktor and Neville -- Ginny's to Rose's to Hogwarts -- Complete

Let Me Show You Where I Live
Saturday, February 4th, Evening

Rose had watched Viktor get her coat, her stomach fluttering with each contact they had and even more because he was walking her home. I am so glad I went to Ginny's party.

Looking up at him, she felt she should say something, but nothing that would just be foolish small talk. She looked down, hoping Viktor hadn't noticed her just looking up at him like that.

"Um, my flat is on the next street over, but it isn't too long of a walk."