February 1st, 2006


Daphne and Theo ~*~ Outdoor Cafe in London ~*~ Complete

Old Friends
Wednesday, February 1st ~*~ Afternoon

Muggle London was just like she'd remembered from her days as a student at the Le Corden Bleu Academie D'Art Culinaire and Daphne was beginning to think that maybe moving back to London wouldn't be such a horrid idea after all.

She sipped her soda and looked out at the busy street from her chair at a little outdoor cafe.

It certainly couldn't be any worse than all that had happened since she returned to Hogsmeade. At least during the years she'd lived amongst the Muggles she'd never been seduced by a vampire, never felt like her heart was being broken in two - several times - by the same damn wizard, never been attacked by a demented over-protective house-elf, never ended up covered in Circe knew what numerous times... never fallen in love, never opened her own place and felt that all consuming sense of pride when it didn't fail...

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