January 4th, 2006

sweet smile

Ginny Weasley, Severus Snape, Rose Zeller ~ Snape Cottage ~ Incomplete

“Promise me you'll never forget me
because if I thought you would
I'd never leave.”
-A.A. Milnes
Wednesday, January 4th ~ Late Morning

Ginny had avoided packing her bag under the guise that packing with one arm would be far too much of a hassle. While it just might have been, the truth was if she packed then that meant she'd be leaving. And that upset her. Of course, admitting that meant admitting that she wanted to stay and for Ginny Weasley, that was no easy thing. Case in point: running off to Paris.

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Daphne and Harry ~ Un Peu de Ciel ~ Complete

Another Slap In The Making?
Wednesday, January 4th ~ Evening

Harry had waited as long as he could before he wandered into Daphne's restaurant. Going to her flat was out of the question until he found out exactly where their relationship stood.

Relationship - that's funny, he snorted lightly as he watched the hostess approach. I keep telling myself to forget her. I can't and now I'm thinking in terms of a relationship. Snape's right - I'm fucked good and proper.

After being seated and taking the menu, another thought occurred to Harry.

Damn, I didn't think - I wonder if Rose is back working yet. She might not be pleased to see me either.

Another pleasant young woman arrived to take his order and Harry was able to smile. His usual banter with an attractive member of the opposite sex was missing as the meal order was placed, but he didn't notice the slightly disappointed expression on the waitress' face as she left.

I don't imagine pretending to have a complaint will work on Daphne again. I may have to storm the kitchen at some point - that will go over real well I'm sure.