December 10th, 2005

White Shirt

Roman and Daphne - Daphne's Flat / Roman's Home - Complete

I Hear You Calling
Saturday, December 19th - Evening

"Izabel," her name hissed through his lips as Roman clenched his fists, trying to leash his temper. Yet again he called to her, the one who would be his first bride and the one who lured him back to this dull village in the first place, and once more he could sense her frustration at being unable to answer his summons.

It was the wolf's fault, surely. She only denied him when she couldn't get away from her precious Remus without arousing suspicion.

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Rose and Severus -- Outside Un Peu de Ciel / On the street / Outside Rose's flat -- Complete

A Nice Walk Home
Saturday, December 10 -- Late Evening

It was time to go home for the night and Rose grabbed her heavy coat. Her new, thick one she had had a girly moment over when she had seen it in the shop window. Leaving the Un Peu de Ciel, Rose rubbed her arms as the cold wind hit her. It was a beautiful night and she couldn't help it as her thoughts drifted to Roman. Even as she thought of how bitterly cold it was out, she was reminded of Roman's warm embraces.

Sighing, Rose stuffed her hands in her pocket and began her walk home.