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Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.
- Unknown
Sunday, March 25th ~*~ Morning

She stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, biting her bottom lip as her gaze drifted lower. Harry had woke her earlier, and Daphne didn't regret the time they'd spent wrapped in each others arms that morning, but she was already tired. If they didn't have plans for the day, she would have crawled back into bed for a nap.

Their honeymoon had been amazing so far, and she wasn't ready for it to be over. That wasn't to say she wouldn't be happy to see Glen Hollow when the time came. Between the traveling, and the sex ... Good gods, the sex.

Daphne brushed a cautious hand across the top of her breasts, and sighed. They were a little tender. She hadn't said anything to Harry yet, and really, how did you tell your husband that while you loved the things he did to you, you were beginning to get a tiny bit uncomfortable, and suspected that it just might be a matter not being used to quite so much attention.

Most of her hair was pulled up into a clip, and a hint of gloss was brushed across her lips. Daphne puckered once, and smiled at her reflection.

"Not bad, if I do say so myself."

She pulled the bathroom door open and went to look for her husband.
After tucking the last of the shrunken lace mantillas in the side of the bag, Harry looked at the list they'd been checking off. There was only one name left. He smiled at Daphne as she came out of the bathroom and walked toward her with the list in hand. Slipping the empty hand around her waist, Harry leaned over and kissed her.

"The next few days are going to be shopping free unless there's something you want. There's only one name left."
"So who are we shopping for now?" Daphne reached for the list.

"Ahh, the tough one. What to get for the man who hates everything?"
Harry rubbed his chin lightly before shooting her a questioning glance and decided to confess.

"Actually - I've had something in mind for him the whole time. I just haven't found one that isn't too obvious about what it actually is. If you want - I won't tell you so when he discovers what it is - you can deny any knowledge."
Tempted to ask if whatever it was would hurt Snape, Daphne thought better of it. Harry wouldn't give a gift meant to be from both of them, if it was dangerous. Annoying, yes. Deadly, no.

"Just in case I need to duck, I'd like to know ahead of time."
"Afertilitygoddess," Harry said quickly.
She blinked, and stuck a finger in her ear to jiggle it around a bit.

"I'm sorry. I think I heard you wrong. A what?"
Trying to contain a snicker, Harry kissed her and quickly released her. He hadn't intended it to go in this direction, but it could be fun seeing how far she'd go to get him to say it again.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. A goddess would be pushing it, maybe I can find a god one somewhere. It stands to reason there'd be a male one. And then there's no way Ginny could get upset if he stares at it, right?" Harry said as he walked over to put his Muggle wallet in the back pocket of his jeans.

"I think your mum will really like that set of Irish linens we got her, don't you?"
"She'll love them," was the reply as Daphne watched him.

"You aren't seriously thinking about getting him a ... That was a joke, right?" She moved closer, and wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Right?"
Putting both arms over hers - Harry had the idea if he kept her hands occupied she wouldn't hit him - he snickered and said, "Nope. Entirely serious. It's the perfect gift. He'll love to hate me for it."
She squeezed affectionately and pressed her cheek against his back.

"Well, it was nice being married to you, Harry. Wasn't really planning to be a widow, but I do look good in black."
Daphne's words made him try and think about the last time he'd seriously considered killing Snape. And he had - but now - it seemed like such a long time ago. A lot of memories flipped through his mind in the few moments that passed.

Damn. When did we almost become friends? That's...

It's not natural.

And how do I explain it to her without sounding completely crackers or telling her about...

The journal.

Harry chuckled and patted her hands before turning around and meeting her eyes.

"As hard as it is to believe - I think we're actually past that stage and I don't know if Snape or I can - deal with what stage we might be at now. I'm only speaking for myself here, but... Why change something that works? The god or goddess will provide a way for us to - communicate - sort of?"

Harry didn't know if he'd made a total mess out of trying to explain why he needed to keep needling Snape or not, as he tilted his head and looked in Daphne's eyes.

"I bet you're thinking I've gone round the bend for sure, aren't you?"
"Oh, sweetie ..." Her voice was soft and gentle as she looked up at him. "Of course I am."

Daphne smiled. "And it's not the first time, either. You're a bit of a nutter, but I love you anyway. Let's go see if we can find a fertility goddess that's not too obvious. I suspect the male ones are going to all have large - bits."
"Hey! I'm hurt here! You never said things like nutter before we were married!"

But before he could protest more, an image of one of the female goddesses flashed in Harry's memory and his face screwed up.

"Or worse - I mean have you seen some of those female ones? They have about a thousand breasts popping out all over their bodies - I don't even think there is a body underneath to be truthful. Just one giant boob with nipples all over. I don't think I could stomach one with penises sticking out in all directions. Hey! Think they'd name them all?"

Harry shook his head and chuckled.

"I like breasts just as much as the next guy, but more than two - a total waste and leaves out too much of the other good stuff," he said while pulling her into his arms and lowering his head to her neck. "Like this little spot here on your neck. I love this particular stretch of skin," was a tiny bit muffled as he proceeded to demonstrate.
"You're right. I never said it before." But I did think it. Her thoughts were clearly written on her indulgent expression.

Until his description of the fertility boobess, then she just looked a little ill.

Harry bent closer, and Daphne almost flinched, thinking all this talk of breasts might have inspired him to become reacquainted with hers, until his mouth began to pay homage to that spot on her neck he - and she, to be truthful - liked. She melted, and tilted her head to the side to encourage the attention.

"I'm fond of it myself."
Giving the lobe of Daphne's ear a small nip, Harry straighted up and smiled.

"Alright, before I let you tempt me into taking my wife back to bed, we'd better get going and find a boob-less fertility goddess for Snape. Breakfast here at the hotel or shall we forage on the streets?"
Daphne stopped to snag a pair of sunglasses, which she promptly popped on top of her head, and went to stand by the door.

While your average honeymooner might like to be pampered and cossetted by the hotel, Daphne had Dobby at home to cater to her every lazy whim if she felt like it. "I feel like foraging."
"Good idea, almost forgot," Harry advised as he picked up the pair he'd bought yesterday and put them on. Opening the door he leaned against it and grinned at her.

"I wonder if they have those little spicy meat stick things in the open air market yet? I'll have to put a status charm on one for Dobby to try and duplicate unless you want to take a whack at it."
For some reason the thought of eating one of those things made her tummy roll. Definitely not for breakfast, at any rate.

"Dobby can give it a shot, wouldn't want to ruin all his fun in the kitchen." She also didn't want to think about what was involved in preparing the...

"Maybe some fruit. I'd like some fruit."
After finding themselves something to munch down for breakfast, Harry and Daphne were wandering past some booths and one in particular caught Harry's eye. Tugging on Daphne's hand he led them in that direction.

"What do you think of this one?" he asked while picking it up and turning it over. "It's supposed to be a fertility goddess, but I don't think it's obvious at all. Plus, it's black and - not gaudy. I think it's something he might actually display."
"That might ... actually work." Not that she was trying to imply that there had ever been any doubt that Harry's plan would work.

The statuette he'd picked up seemed to fit Snape's taste well, and there wasn't a breast or penis in sight.

"I could mention how nice it would look above the fireplace when we give it too him, and hint that would be good to see it there the next time one of us visits, if you think that would help," Daphne offered, starting to enjoy the plotting aspect.
Harry's arm went around her and squeezed her in a hug of approval.

"You and I are going to be an unbeatable team. You realize that right?" Harry said only half-joking. His free hand went up to rub at his chin.

"Especially if we get something Ginny likes - he's doomed to display it. Might not hurt to mention to your mother that you'd be terribly upset if he didn't."
Oddly, Daphne found the idea of Harry already thinking of ways to use Diane Greengrass' personality to his advantage sort of a turn-on. Especially when he hadn't said one negative word about her, at least not in Daphne's presence.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. "We probably should make sure Ginny doesn't know what it really is, either. Which means we can't warn them to keep it away from Molly and Arthur, can we?"
"Ginny - could go either way - but since she seems to be in love with the - with Snape - probably not a good idea to let her know. As far as Arthur and Molly..." Harry laughed before shaking his head. "It might not hurt to have a few more Weasleys running around to drive Draco bats."