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Daphne and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ MA ~ Complete

I often quote myself, it adds spice to my conversation.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, March 20th ~ Early Morning

After doing his best to immitate a bunny with Daphne, Harry had risen and let her sleep. He, Dobby and Hedwig had filled a couple of hours getting last minute details straighted out, not the least being the latest revision of his will. While he didn't plan on anything happening while they were on their little jaunt, he still liked things to be ready in case they did.

I could get hit by a Muggle bus somewhere, was his thought after he signed the new will and sent it back to his solicitors with Hedwig. She had recovered from the flury of owls sent for the wedding and only gave him a soft hoot when she'd returned.

Fingering the pile of scraps left from the Howler, which Harry had saved to remind him to respond, his mind ran over the conversation he'd had with Daphne that day. If Daphne had been there to see the smirk forming on his face, she might have grabbed the quill out of his hand.

Dear Molly and Arthur,

I am sorry that I didn't get you at least an owl sent. But it's just a week today, and since I'm new to this marriage business I'm still feeling my way. Daphne, and yes it's Daphne and not Doris, told me that there's this unwritten rule that newlyweds are supposed to hide out for at least a week and shag like bunnies, so I had assumed that any attempt by me to contact anyone would be considered a slight toward her or the marriage. The last thing I want to do is upset my new wife, so I hope you'll forgive me for not contacting you sooner.

We're due to leave for a few places I want to take her, on a honeymoon of sorts, and I'll be sure to find a few things to bring back for you and Arthur. We can talk about when to have the reception when we get back if that's alright?

Love to you both,


"Hegwig, old girl? One last letter this morning, because there's no way in hell I want your mistress to see this before I send it," Harry advised before addressing it to Molly and holding it out.

"Take it to Molly for me, please."

Harry grinned and went off to see if his wife was stirring yet.

If she ever finds out, I'm dead.

But it's worth it.
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