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I often quote myself, it adds spice to my conversation.
~ George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, March 20th ~ Early Morning

After doing his best to immitate a bunny with Daphne, Harry had risen and let her sleep. He, Dobby and Hedwig had filled a couple of hours getting last minute details straighted out, not the least being the latest revision of his will. While he didn't plan on anything happening while they were on their little jaunt, he still liked things to be ready in case they did.

I could get hit by a Muggle bus somewhere, was his thought after he signed the new will and sent it back to his solicitors with Hedwig. She had recovered from the flury of owls sent for the wedding and only gave him a soft hoot when she'd returned.

Fingering the pile of scraps left from the Howler, which Harry had saved to remind him to respond, his mind ran over the conversation he'd had with Daphne that day. If Daphne had been there to see the smirk forming on his face, she might have grabbed the quill out of his hand.

Dear Molly and Arthur,

I am sorry that I didn't get you at least an owl sent. But it's just a week today, and since I'm new to this marriage business I'm still feeling my way. Daphne, and yes it's Daphne and not Doris, told me that there's this unwritten rule that newlyweds are supposed to hide out for at least a week and shag like bunnies, so I had assumed that any attempt by me to contact anyone would be considered a slight toward her or the marriage. The last thing I want to do is upset my new wife, so I hope you'll forgive me for not contacting you sooner.

We're due to leave for a few places I want to take her, on a honeymoon of sorts, and I'll be sure to find a few things to bring back for you and Arthur. We can talk about when to have the reception when we get back if that's alright?

Love to you both,


"Hegwig, old girl? One last letter this morning, because there's no way in hell I want your mistress to see this before I send it," Harry advised before addressing it to Molly and holding it out.

"Take it to Molly for me, please."

Harry grinned and went off to see if his wife was stirring yet.

If she ever finds out, I'm dead.

But it's worth it.
Something was missing.

In her sleep, one of Daphne's hands slid across the sheet as looking for something, and she frowned when that hand didn't find it. Daphne stirred just enough to roll closer to Harry's side of the bed, where she found one of his pillows to cuddle with.

It wasn't the same as Harry himself, but for now it would do, and the frown faded away as she fell deeper into sleep once again.
Standing at the foot, Harry debated waking the sleeping beauty in his bed. They had plenty of time after all and she looked so...

Warm, soft and all mine.

He was still quite sated from their early morning romp, but it occurred to him that since women were capable of numerous orgasms and he'd only given her one...

Can't have her starting our trip out frustrated, now can I? he decided with a smile while quietly taking off his shoes, socks and jumper. Walking over to her side of the bed, he slid gently under the bedding until he was against her back. He started with soft kisses on the exposed neck, gentle touches on the outside and back of her thighs. One hand gradually slid under her waist and up to cup a full breast.

"Morning, my sleeping beauty," was whispered into the ear nearest his mouth before the lobe was delicately nipped.
The warm body behind her was much preferable to the pillow, and it was abandoned as Daphne began to wake up. She sighed as his hands petted and caressed.

Her reply to his greeting was a gentle moan, followed by a tiny gasp from the nip.

Daphne leaned against him, enjoying the warmth of his chest against her back. "Good morning," was finally mumbled through a pleasant fog of lingering sleepiness and slowly awakened desire.
A gentle probe with a couple of fingers into the juncture of her thighs, while the other hand tugged not quite as gently on a nipple was the only response he gave since his mouth was rather busy suckling on the lobe he'd injured. Releasing it slowly, he growled softly into her neck.

"Ah, the princess awakens. Will she choose the beast, who might devour her whole or the lowly paige who wishes only to please?"
It was much too early in the morning for riddles normally as far as she was concerned, much less now when Daphne was far too focused on what his hands and mouth were doing to comprehend what he was asking at first.

Princess ... beast ... paige ...

Her back arched, silently encouraging him to continue with what he'd been doing.

Daphne's eyes closed as she pictured Harry behind her. He knew how to please her, that couldn't be denied. But Harry also made her feel so ... completely his, that Daphne really had no choice at all.

She whispered, "The beast."
"Oh, Harry," Daphne breathed, touched beyond words.

She knew he loved her. He showed her in the things he did, and while he didn't constantly say the words, she heard them often enough to never doubt that they were true. She actually preferred that they weren't constantly trading I love you's, because it made the instances when they did all the more special.

But there were times when Harry could simply blow her away. She was the center of his world, and now...

"No more so than my beloved beast has me. Utterly and completely."
The temptation was there, to continue the charade, but his heart wasn't in it. His heart wanted the truth laid bare at her feet and he was going to oblige and hope it was enough.

"There isn't a beast, Daph. Only the lowly paige, who would donn whatever garb it took to make his lady happy. Even the fool."
The threat of tears made her blink rapidly, and Daphne sniffled. If he wasn't careful, Harry was going to make her cry.

"Never the fool. You make me happy, Harry. Even when you're silly or flirty, annoying or aggravating, whatever... It doesn't matter because I will always love you, no matter what happens or what you do."

She reached up to touch his face gently. "I know we'll have fights, I don't have to be a Seer to know that - we're both a bit too headstrong and stubborn for our own good, but we'll always come back to each other, I know that too. And I won't always agree with you. I also know that - there are things about you that can scare the crap out of me, but they don't make me love you any less."

Daphne took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. "I think what I'm trying to say is that you don't need to play a part to make me happy, Harry, as amazing as this morning was - and it was. I love you."
"We'll always come back to each other," managed to do something that no amount of wedding vows, declarations of love, or assurances of a tomorrow had been able to do. Harry believed for the first time that they would have a long, happy life together, with or without children, and that was enough.

A large grin split his face and he playfully rolled her under him again before dropping a kiss on her lips and waggling his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner.

"Well, if that's the case and I don't have to worry about playing the fool... It leaves a lot more time for the beast to come over and have his way with the fair maiden."
The mood shifted so suddenly that Daphne could only laugh in response.

"Beast and bunnies. Our sex life is starting to sound a little kinky."

Her lower lip was caught between her teeth for just a moment before she spoke again. "I draw the line at goats, though."
Later, when the sun was higher in the sky, and she did start to feel hungry, Daphne woke to find herself wrapped around her husband.

It was rare that she awoke first, and Daphne took a moment to look at him. Peaceful in sleep, Daphne could almost see the young boy she'd first laid eyes on in school in his face. Could almost imagine what a son might look like someday.

Daphne gave herself a moment to picture the small child growing into a man, and then pushed the thoughts away. Normally the thought of what might never be would make her sad, but today she just cradled the idea carefully and enjoyed it before sending it away. There would be time enough to worry and discuss in the coming years.

She brushed some hair off of his forehead and gently pressed her lips to his.
There was a warm, lush body under his fingertips and the scent reassured him it was Daphne, so Harry didn't bother opening his eyes before taking the lips with his own.

"If this is a dream - don't wake me up," Harry murmured sleepily while tightening his grip.
"If it were a dream, I don't think my tummy would be growling."

Daphne made no move to escape his hold, content to remain where she was for a bit longer. "Do you want me to let you sleep some more?"
Tummy growling...

She needs food...

Dobby can...

No, sent him for Portkeys - Trip!

Setting up suddenly Harry blinked his eyes until the clock came into focus and then flopped back down on the pillow.

"I hope you like to eat on the run - because we have about 20 minutes until we leave."

Daphne sat up, using one hand to hold the cover over her breasts. "Are we meeting someone in town for lunch or something?"