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Anne and Charlie ~ Cabin ~ MA ~ Complete

The only reason I would take up jogging
is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
~ Erma Bombeck

Friday, March 16th ~ Morning

While Anne had been quite busy getting her practice set up, not to mention the office itself and the flat, she'd been unable to push Charlie that far out of her thoughts. Especially since the first consultation with Percy. Biting her tongue not to ask Percy if Charlie was gay too, had been very difficult. Asking herself why it mattered so much - found an answer she wasn't sure she liked.

Which was why she was currently walking towards the cabin he and Bill lived in. Bill worked during the day and Anne was hoping to find Charlie there alone. With no patrons of any kind that demanded his attentions.

So, you've finally admitted you really like him and have been attracted to him since the first time you met him.

If he's gay - he's gay - and there's not a damned thing you can do to make it different.

But it mattered. It mattered a lot what he had intended. Anne hoped she'd moved on from the last boyfriend she'd had, who had been more of a user than anything, and she needed to know if Charlie had intended their friendship as a cover for his gayness. If that was the case, she could deal with it by trying to help him quit hiding behind the mask of a heterosexual. The disappointment she might feel - she refused to think about.

Real smart, Perks.


Not so good, but since I don't know for sure - I'm denying it for now.

It was now close to two months since Anne had seen Charlie, and although she'd really liked what she had seen, the fact he hadn't made an attempt since then to see her or talk to her... In her mind at least, made the scale tip toward the gay end of the balance beam.

He wouldn't need a cover if it's been blown, now would he?

At least you'll know for certain where you stand - or don't stand.

She was there and staring at the door.

It's sure a lot easier to tell someone else to do what they don't know for sure they want to do.

So do it, already!

Her knuckles knocked on its firm surface. Loudly. And then panic attacked.


I wonder if I have time to run!
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