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Harry James Potter

Dobby and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Sleight of hand and twist of Fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you

Sunday, March 11 ~ Afternoon

Sundays were the worst. Before they'd always been the best and in order to keep himself in that calm, peaceful little spot he'd managed to locate, Harry had Dobby find anything that wasn't quite right around Glen Hollow that he could work on. He'd gone from redoing several bent roofing nails to cleaning out the gutters. That had been a major undertaking on its own since he'd chosen to do it the Muggle way. They were clean, he was hungry and according to Dobby - it was time to eat.

Striding into the kitchen, Harry smiled at the elf before starting to wash his hands.

"I really appreciate your changing your day off, what's on the list after lunch?"
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