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Remus, Izabel and Minerva ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
~ Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, March 8th ~ Evening

Trying to ease their relationship back to appearing merely friends wasn't easy, but it was what Izabel thought Remus could handle.

Until he breaks of course.

Giving him smiles when she didn't feel like it, gentle touches that didn't have the intent to inflame a torid session of lovemaking was even more difficult. She hadn't been in his bed or he in hers since before everything went to hell so quickly. Technically it had apparently started months before, but to Izabel it all came down to that night.

Lying in bed she'd been tempted too many times to go and ask him if she couldn't just sleep beside him, but she didn't want to push too hard too quickly. Men got such funny ideas about who was in charge of relationships and Izabel was afraid that he'd close the door on her completely.

Might be a good idea to see if Tonks...

If she can - would have to be very careful about how I bring it up.

Maybe it would help to know that he's trying to give me the boot as well?

Something in common?

Glancing out of the corner of her eye, Izabel noticed that she'd eaten far more of her dinner than he had. Which seemed to be the standard now. What he had eaten might be enough to sustain existence, but wouldn't do a damned thing to help him regain his strength. He was far too thin in Izabel's opinion, but she figured if she tried to get him to eat more...

"You know, if you're really dead set on dieting, I could probably find a few books with suggested portions and we could give them to the elves. That way they would know how much to serve you," she advised with a hint of a smile on her face while looking at him. "Otherwise, it merely looks like you're trying to make us all think you're eating more than what you actually are and that leads to temptation because I always take just one more bite than I should."
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