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Dobby and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell

Monday, March 5th ~ Morning

Draco had hung around Sunday long enough to play some pool and test fly the new broom Harry'd ordered from Ron. After they'd both recovered from the previous nights drinking binge that left Harry a little uncertain how he got to bed, it had been a good day all in all. He'd still had his boxers on so he suspected Dobby had probably been required to assist both him and Draco to their rooms when the night was over.

While he was glad to have had the chance to share one last evening with Draco and booze, Daphne's absence on 'their' day still left a hole begging to be filled. And Harry had nothing left to fill it with other than starting to clean out his office desk. He'd left piles of odds and ends on the desk when he'd finally stumbled off to bed Sunday night and had ordered Dobby not to touch a thing.

The morning light found him back at the desk, pulling out old ledgers and finding bits and pieces of the years he'd spent working on Glen Hollow come back as old receipts were found and looked at again. Glancing around he smiled a little.

It's a good house and the shape it's in now - it'll last a long time.

He had a vague idea, but it wasn't until he ran across the journal he'd started so many years ago that he knew why he'd felt the need to clean it out.

I need to set things in order. Who else will be left to... One last entry and then it will belong to Snape, crossed his mind as he picked up a quill and found that the plans spinning around in his head had finally gelled. The words flowed quite quickly and the ink had barely dried before he cast the spells and sealed the journal to any eyes but Snape's.

A letter sent with Hedwig was to his solicitors, asking for an appointment as soon as possible to change some items in his will. While he waited for a response, he pulled a blank sheet of parchment and started listing things he wanted changed or addressed.

Glen Hollow, and he stopped.

I should have it go to Remus, but if he ends up leaving - and who the hell am I kidding. I know who I want to have it. I've known since that first damned day.

After scribbling Daphne's name behind it, a thought occurred to him.

"Dobby!" he yelled while rubbing a hand over his face.
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