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Izabel and Severus ~ Owls ~ Complete

Concerned Correspondent

Tuesday, February 27th ~ Evening

Izabel never had been much good at lying or at sending cryptic messages. After three crumpled and then torn up sheets of parchment, she didn't even try. If it fell into someone else's hands the most she could do was make it appear they wrote on a regular basis and she was merely passing on news.

Dear Severus,

Everything here at the castle is normal and I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. Yes, I'm bored. Can you tell? Classes and students continue as they have since you were here with us. Nothing much has changed in that area at least.

I hear there are some interesting developments in your sphere of influence. I was informed last night - by Vera - that there are two Auror's missing from the Hogsmeade area. Is it common knowledge do you know? She's gotten involved by volunteering her services to help locate them, or any remains, using the same method she devised for finding where Cassius had been buried. Another interesting item of note, there has been a new - reinstated - Auror assigned to Hogsmeade, Nymphadora Tonks.

That's all for now. If I can be of assistance as an extra pair of hands to work on the potion for Remus or anything else that might come up, let me know.

As always,

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