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Rose Zeller

Rose and Daphne ~ Un Peu de Ciel ~ Complete

Every ending is a new beginning.
Tuesday, February 27th ~ Early evening

Rose finished her shift and said goodnight to the other employees. Part of her wanted to just go home and the rest knew that she had to talk to Daphne. Tonight.

Becky had mentioned she'd been looking tired, and it was true. Between her job here at the restaurant, her work with Hagrid, and spending her nights with him there wasn't much time for resting. Something had to give.

She paused outside Daphne's office door with a frown. Her friend, and boss, hadn't been looking well lately either. She always seemed to be hiding in her office rather than out in the kitchen or talking to the customers like she used to. Rose wondered if she should wait to talk to her another time.

No sense putting it off, my love. You've made your decision, do not delay the inevitable.

A small smile curved her lips for just a moment, and Rose nodded. With a firm knock to announce her presence, Rose entered the office.
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