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Vera and Izabel ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

A friend will tell you she saw your old boyfriend - and he's a priest.
~ Erma Bombeck
Monday, February 26th ~ Early Evening.

Evenings were the hardest of course. Days had their own trials and tribulations, but evenings were by far the most difficult. When Izabel would forget and make a mental note about something one of the students did or said in order to tell Remus later, the fact she was in class or around other people made it easier to maintain. Unless she wanted to put a damper on Vera and Roger's relationship by spending each and every night in their company - she needed to learn to deal with the fact he was absent. Either that or learn to tolerate Horace's company and she knew already which lesson she preferred.

He will be back, became the - mantra - prayer she used to keep herself from giving up completely when she hadn't heard from him in so long. The fact another moon was on its way to pay him a visit was reason to worry and Izabel found her scope turned in its direction far too much lately - as it was now. She didn't know why really, there was nothing there that held any answers.

With a sigh, she moved back from the eyepiece and glared at the partial moon with her naked eyes. There would be a full eclipse of the moon on the 3rd and while this was a wonderful opportunity to have the students study one - she almost wished the Muggles had blown it up during their missions to explore the surface.
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