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Saturday, February 24 • Morning

Shacklebolt hadn't been kidding when he'd offered to whip her back into duelling shape; Tonks had spent nearly every waking moment getting back into fighting form.

A couple of the cockier rookies had gotten blasted off the duelling platform — she was out of practice, yes, but not completely green. Kingsley and the other senior Aurors handed her her arse regularly, though.

Tonks figured it was good for the old ones to get their laughs while they still could — by Friday she was approaching respectable again.

Today, however, they'd assigned her a different — much less fun — sort of homework.

She'd taken one year of Arithmancy, enough to know it was definitely not for her, but now she found herself at Hogwarts for a remedial class.

I can use Muggle calculators now! And we've got specialists at the Ministry and ... gah.

She could hear Vector now.

Three feet of parchment on "Why Tonks isn't to be trusted with numbers" by the end of the day, please.
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