I am free, no matter what rules surround me.
If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them;
if I find them too obnoxious, I break them.
I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
Sunday, February 18th ~ Late Evening

It had been an unsettling, yet satisfying day. It was the first Sunday in forever that Daphne and Harry hadn't spent together and at first he'd been at a total loss what to do to fill the hours. The morning had been filled by cleaning and reorganizing his workshop. All the tools were put in the proper places, the blades and chisels sharpened and waiting for when he needed them.

The afternoon had been a little harder to fill. He'd considered nudging Remus into a game of pool, but he didn't want the other man to feel like he had to entertain Harry when he should be resting. A workout with a jump rope, punching bags and the free weights had taken care of a few hours and a small portion of the bundle of energy at his disposal. After a brisk shower and an attempt at a nap, Harry found himself wandering the rooms of the house looking for something - only he didn't quite know what until he ended up in the kitchen.

Daphne - she's supposed to be here - somewhere.

Tempted to go to Hogsmeade and try and talk her into putting off whatever it was that was so important, Harry shook his head and went outside.

Give it up, Potter. You managed before - you can do it again. Now what do I -

His eyes fell on the small storage shed that housed the motorcycle and a grin crossed his face. It had been a while since he'd opened the bike up all the way. Rationalizing it was easy. The bike had been gone over by a competent mechanic, but it still needed a good test run and while the weather was warmer, it wasn't nearly warm enough to do anything to the grounds.

A warming charm was needed since the air was still rather cold for racing around, but soon dust clouds were trying their damnedest to keep pace with the heavy machine as it sped through the countryside. Since Daphne wouldn't be with him, Harry had left the helmets behind in the shed with merely a glance.

A small Scottish village on the coast had an accommodating Muggle pub which supplied a bland if filling dinner. The barmaid appeared to be even more accommodating, but after a brief flirtation that Harry couldn't help any more than he could breathe, he let it be known firmly but gently that he wasn't interested in taking it any farther.

Later, he'd found an out of the way zoo and had taken great delight in casting a silencing charm while he conversed with the resident population of snakes. There weren't many Muggles about in the reptile house, but even if there had been Harry was feeling - rebellious - enough it wouldn't have stopped him.

What's an Obliviate or two or six compared to... others.

The trip back to Glen Hollow was taken at a slower pace and it was almost midnight by the time the shed door was closed behind the motorcycle. A stretch and a yawn let Harry know he'd probably sleep well if nothing else. Skipping another shower, he tumbled into bed and eyed the pillow next to him a moment before firmly turning on his side and courting sleep.

I'll see her tomorrow - tonight.