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Vera and Anne ~ Hogwarts and Hogsmeade ~ Complete

Have a vision not clouded by fear.
~ Cherokee Proverb
Friday, February 16th ~ Late Afternoon

Standing outside the building she'd rented, Anne wondered - not for the first time - if she had gone nutters. Instead of the flat she'd envisioned working out of - she'd have a real office with room for expansion if it was needed. Anne pulled the sign advertising it for rent from the front yard and used the key to open the door. Putting the sign against the wall, she was surprised to see just how furnished it was.

As she wandered around, Anne remembered some of the things the realtor had told her in order to put her mind at ease over the low asking price on the rent. Apparently the owner, a Neville Longbottom, had planned to have a medical office on the ground floor and live in the upper flat. The flat was the only real rentable option for the owner since most people weren't interested in those types of offices. The other drawback for the flat was that it was on the second floor over offices. It hadn't moved as quickly as they'd hoped and had been empty for almost a year. Anne was thrilled to get the whole building for as much as a two bedroom flat would have cost her.

She paused when she got to the rear of the first floor and saw what apparently had been intended as a greenhouse. It had been well constructed and while Anne had a brown thumb when it came to plants, she did see possibilities for a less restrictive consultation room within the glass walls. It was toward the back where there would be no passersby and with judicious fabric placement to block some of the sun...

Group therapy if I ever get that large a patient base?

Seeing the back stairs to the upper flat, she eagerly moved up them to peer around what was going to be her new home. It wasn't as well furnished as she'd hoped, but it had a bed, a table and some chairs and that would do for now.

Some dusting downstairs, rearranging a few things and I'll be set.

Anne's legs suddenly grew weak and she sat down heavily in one of the chairs.


I'm really going to do this.


Blinking at a few dust motes that danced in the sunlight, Anne stood and brushed off the back of the slacks she wore.


Patients would be a good thing.

Bloody hell.

Vera - I need to let Vera know,
was the thought on Anne's mind as she tore out the door and skidded to a stop before locking it behind her. After a quick check on the other entrances to her new place of business, Anne found herself Apparating to Hogwarts with a broad grin on her face.

I'm really going to do this.
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