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Kingsley and Tonks • Ministry of Magic • Complete

If we can call them friends, then we can call
Holler at them down these hallowed halls
Just don't let the human factor
Fail to be a factor at all
Friday, February 16 • Morning

The people at the Ministry were staring 'cause it had been years since she'd been sacked and they were just shocked to see her back, right?

They weren't all "oh, I hear you were caught in a public supernatural sex romp" the other night, surely?

Of course, it had been a scene worth remembering, and Merlin knew she didn't have any other explanation for why Shacklebolt might have called her here, so: Yeah, they're picturing me naked.

Tonks nodded at Williamson, who blushed and sniggered.

"I'm here to see Shacklebolt, he in?"

The Auror stood to try to lead her to the Head office, which irritated his former colleague.

"I think I can remember where the office is, you great git. I was just asking ... oh, never mind." Tonks brushed past, stopping only to say one thing.

"And I haven't forgotten about you and the squirrels, so I think you can stop smirking."
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