Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter (are_you_daph) wrote in __lightning__,
Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Harry and Daphne ~*~ Black Orchid Hotel ~*~ Complete

Things never seem to go the way you plan
Thursday, February 15th ~*~ Just after midnight

It wasn't quite how she'd pictured ending the evening. She'd thought there would be dancing and a little kissing and then they would go up to their room at the hotel, she'd put on something terribly uncomfortable that lifted this and flattened that and that she wasn't planning on wearing very long anyway, and then Harry would tell her he loved her and propose and they would make love.

Instead there was Pansy having some sort of psychotic break in the ballroom and men from St. Mungo's and going to their room had been more of an escape than a gentle build up.

As if she needed another reason to hate Pansy the cow.

Daphne sat on the couch with a huff and crossed her arms under her breasts. "I've had better birthdays."
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