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Harry, Remus and Daphne || Glen Hollow || Complete

I'm charged up ... I'm kinda wooden
I'm barely moving ... I study motion
I study myself ... I fooled myself
Sunday, February 11 || Afternoon

Meals on trays with an anxious Dobby hovering over him made Remus feel nervous, as if he were a spotty teenager spending time in the Infirmary again. The House elf was nothing like Poppy, but now that his mind had made the connection it wouldn't let it go.

Obviously he needed a change of scenery; being shut up was driving him ...

... was making him a bit stir-crazy, that was all.

Lupin got out of bed and struggled into proper clothes for the first time in nearly two weeks. He'd spoken with McGonagall and that had gone reasonably well. Perhaps a quiet chat with Harry would go as well.

Even if it didn't, it was time to start talking again, while they had the chance.

Dobby had said Harry was in his office, and so he was. Remus hovered at the doorway for a moment, just looking at the wizard within the room for a moment, before quietly speaking up.


He entered the room and gingerly took a seat.

"How are you doing?"
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