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Severus, Izabel and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive.
~ Robert A. Heinlein
Friday, February 9th ~ Early Evening

After Remus had been persuaded to eat a little and fell deeply asleep, Harry felt it was safe to leave him alone. Suicide had been danced around and the topic introduced without actually bringing it out in the open, but once the older wizard had recovered - it might rear its ugly head again. Closing the bedroom door behind him, Harry softly called for Dobby and instructed him to ask Snape if he would like to stay for dinner and if the answer was yes or no to take care of it on his own. He had other matters to see to.

Izabel hadn't returned to check on Remus. Not that he found that unexpected under the circumstances, but Harry actually wondered if she was still in the house and regretted not asking Dobby if she was. Taking the stairs up to the window room two at a time, he slowed down outside the closed door. Opening it quietly, he found it dark, which wasn't surprising. Most people - unless it was a cloudy night - didn't come up here to stare at the reflection of themselves light would provide.

In the few seconds it took his eyes to adjust, he thought she had already left and was prepared to leave when a small movement drew his gaze to a overstuffed chair. A soft question came out of the depths of the chair and Harry answered it with a snort and a sarcastic question of his own.

"Do you really care?"
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