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Roman ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

There was a disturbance in my heart,
a voice that spoke there and said:
"I want, I want, I want!"
It happened every afternoon and when I tried to suppress it,
it got even stronger.
~ Saul Bellow
Saturday, February 3rd ~ Late Evening

He hadn't believed it and therefore had listened to the hateful words numerous times. Each time Roman's fury turned on the faithful elf who had made the pensieve memory for its master.

The elf couldn't be blamed for the announcement, but it was there and they weren't. Following its master's instructions concerning a long list of interests given many years ago, it listened carefully each day during Roman's resting period and when the master wasn't at home. Izabel, Rose and Daphne's names had been added more than a year ago, along with Lupin and Potter's. In the elf's unwise optimism, the master should have been pleased, and its ears had quivered with joy when the pensieve had been presented. They continued to quiver later, but not with joy.

Now, Roman looked out over the town of Hogsmeade once again. The two day delay had calmed him a trifle. Enough to know that he couldn't afford to make the same mistakes he'd made before.

No more shall I play the fop who attempts to woo his brides. They are mine and none will have them but me.

Roman's fury had risen anew when he found wards around Daphne and Rose's dwellings. Heavy wards designed to keep him outside and his eyes narrowed when the anger cooled. They were apparently still keeping watch and it behooved him to be even more cautious. The temptation to feast from his vessels would be resisted in favor of the slop the Ministry provided. It would sustain his existence and not betray his whereabouts.

Patience would be required and while Roman had centuries of experience, his eyes still burned when he thought of the wolf trying to make Izabel - Roman's Izabel - his wife. Leaning back into the shadows, he watched where his Dove toiled in her business. One by one they would be taken back to the large manor house he'd rented under another nome de plume in the country. The cottage was closer, but far too small for what he had planned. The grand ceremony where all three were made his brides at once had been scuttled in favor of one with more stealth and cunning. Each one would be unaware until the last moment. No notice given that he'd returned to reclaim his place in their lives.

When they are all turned and with me forever, then and only then will the ones who seek to claim them as their own discover they've been mine all along...

As their throats are ripped open by my brides.
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