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Bella, Draco, Lucius and Narcissa ~ Malfoy Manor ~ Complete

Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other.
Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.
~ Katharine Hepburn
Saturday, February 3rd ~ Evening

The elves had been entirely unable to do anything to please the mistress of the house since she had returned from the outing with the master of the manor the day before. There had been much ear ironing and smashing of heads with oven doors occurring as well as a few elves who were forced to resort to throwing themselves off the roof when all the traditional ways of punishing themselves were taken. The only saving grace for the poor creatures was that the regular Friday evening meal with the son of the manor attending was postponed until the next evening after a flurry of owls had been sent. The tray brought to the mistress' room later was thrown out into the hall with a resounding crash of china and crystal.

The dawn found few of the household servants not wearing some type of bandage on their small bodies and they would deny to their dying breath the relief some of them felt when the mistress announced she was going shopping. They were to have her closets and drawers cleaned of all the rubbish they contained by the time she returned. Such was Narcissa's mood that she merely tossed the breakfast tray she'd ordered back at the trembling elf presenting it and left in a huff without telling any human member of the family she was leaving.

After a day spent combing through fabrics, patterns and shredding several dressmakers, she'd returned and started tearing into the mountain of packages that had arrived during the day. Two elves were kept busy putting the articles away as she decimated the pile. Terse instructions were left as to which sections of the large walk-in closets were to be left open for garments being finished.

Declaring herself frazzled and in need of a bath, one of the elves scurried to prepare the mistress' favorite scented water only to be left wringing its hands in dismay as Narcissa declared it was the most odious thing she'd ever smelled. A different scent was chosen and the bath filled again. As she rested her head against the downy soft pillow on the back of the tub, Narcissa's eyes closed and she sighed.

During the day, her problem had settled into a small niche in the corner of her brain and stewed. While the hot water soothed the various muscles of her body, she took it out and examined it from every angle.

What do I want? was the first question she asked herself. Obviously not this, but he does.

If I do this - what could I gain besides the obvious?

Various answers came to her as an elf bathed her limbs and finally, a small smile slid over her mouth. Narcissa's eyes opened as she sat up and ordered the elf to bring her a robe.
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