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Not everyone finds the idea of being pelted with frozen water appealing. The thrilling sensation of getting lost in a blizzard, of freezing to death in the woods and having to eat your friend's buttocks to stay alive.
That is lost on many people.
- Gilmore Girls
Tuesday, January 30th ~ Early Evening

Draco stepped back from his creation and tilted his head to the side. Perfect. Looking up as a woman passed muttering something or other about public indecency - the very idea, he was a Malfoy and therefor far beyond mere decency and into the realm of the superior - and promptly blew a raspberry in her direction.

He turned in a slow circle, admiring his work and trying to decide what was missing. There were the anatomically correct ones he had started with - and then the pairs increasing in numbers until there was a tangle of snowie bits in an uncountable orgy. There was a snowy Weasel - fully clothed, fuckyouverymuch - seemingly melting into the ground with a beautiful expression of agony on his face. Draco had thought briefly of making a giant snowman of himself - but the thought of anyone passing through the park seeing and admiring his form - perhaps even daring to touch! - had stopped that.

He really didn't need admirers dodging his every step and declaring their undying devotion.

Well, not the women or ugly ones anyway.

And now! For his piéce de rèsistance! Raising his wand, Draco began to magically gather the snow needed for a giant snow cock to stand proudly in the middle of it all.

Fourty meters ought to do.

Maybe fifty.
If Widow Perkins was being watched by a Peeping Tom — not that Tonks didn't believe her! — the wizard had missed out the last few days. No one had attempted to spy upon the octegenarian's afternoon bath yet again, and after a long "cozy chat" with the witch, Tonks was at last ready to grab supper at the pub and see who was out and about.

Whoa ho hell! Talk about out and about!

The park was now a snow-covered porno exhibit!

"Quick, call the town tourist office, these would make good promo snaps!"

The man she'd addressed that to, apparently offended by the display, sniffed and hurried on.

Tonks burst out laughing and ventured into the park, seeking the artist.

Good job the charms on these boots are holding up or I'd be face-first in that couple's business!

"Traditionally aren't there supposed to be carrots involved — oh." Tonks rounded a tree and sobered quickly. "Well. hello there, Malfoy."

"Good job you've done here."
"No!" Draco shrieked at the mention of carrots - carrots which were orange which was close to red and those had not been Weasley dangly bits damn it! - before turning to face the cousin that wasn't a cousin - and damn family politics were just too much to get into right now.

Besides he had heard she could do... stuff. Bloody hell, why could he have gotten that ability. It wasn't fair.

Draco's eyes narrowed in consideration. She does have impeccable taste though. Draco nodded and gave Tonks a grin. Her praising skills needed work, but showed promise.

"Glorious is more apt, but I do agree. Hello, Nymphadora."
"Allll right, no carrots." Apparently Draco had something against Vitamin C?

This was as close as she'd ever been to her ... oh-so-interesting cousin. She'd seen him of course among the students visiting the village when she'd been stationed at Hogsmeade. And once before, when they were both children, mum hurrying her past a Diagon Alley shop doorway where a blonde couple and a boy were exiting.

Thinking of mum made her feel oddly guilty, but Tonks suppressed it for now — this could be ... an interesting opportunity.

And anyway, they were none of them their parents, for good or for ill.

"You could use some other veg," she offered. "Turnips? Or courgettes, maybe. Surely they would pass requirements."

She rubbed her hands together to warm her fingers up; it was damned cold.

"And the name's Tonks, thanks."
Greg watched as the snow from around him and under his feet were drawn away from him and carried off. He recognised the signs of magic at work. Following the flow of the snow he found Draco was the source of the magic. Upon seeing the full orgy rendered in loving detail as well as a figure seemingly to melt in acid.

He approached behind and to the left of Draco. Wordlessly he took his cue and began to magically help Draco gather more snow so the artist could concentrate on his masterwork.
"Sorry, so sad, not yours!" Tonks lilted.

Now was not the time for an in-depth discussion on why the metamorphic ability had its ups and downs. Now was the time for breaking the public obscenity laws with snow.

"It's fun, yeah, and dead useful," she went on, "but you have the right idea as far as hitting someone. If I want to do something new with a bloke, fine. But if they want something different right off ..."

A flash of red light melted the snow she'd just added to the sculpture. Tonks nodded and tucked her wand into her sleeve with satisfaction, then looked over at Draco.

"Well, not really, but I'm not a toy, you know?"

A bit of movement over his shoulder caught her attention.

"And it looks like you're getting more help."
Draco stuck his tongue out at Tonks. Draco looked from the puddle to Tonks and back to the puddle. "You're family alright. Yes, you'll do."

Neat ability and attitude? He'd keep her. "I bet there must be a potion or something using pieces you'd probably rather keep that would let me have steal it," Draco replied teasingly.

Glancing behind him as her attention was diverted, Draco waved to Greg. "Hey! Where the hell have you been?"

It was good to have minions.
Nothing like a fresh, clean snowfall. A blanket of white to cover everything and make the shadows and shapes really pop.

Colin had taken the time to find just the right spot, set up his tripod, adjusted the camera and leaned over to put his eye to the view finder.

Only to have the formerly pristine snow begin to shift and roll.


"The hell?" As he watched the snow seemed to gather itself together and slowly leave.

The tripod was quickly disassembled and shrunk, tucked into his coat pocket, and Colin decided on a whim to follow the retreating snow.

"Wow. That's something I do not see everyday," he marveled at the numerous snow sculptures, all doing... He tilted his head and studied one couple, not really sure what they were doing. Whatever it was, they appeared to be enjoying themselves.
More and more people were stopping to stare.

Can't imagine why.

"You know, if you're attracting a crowd, the responsible thing to do is disperse them as best you can. Helps the flow of traffic." Tonks picked up a snowball, oh-so-casually tossed it into the air, and caught it. "But how to do that, I wonder ... Hold that thought!"

Tonks tossed the snowball at Draco and ran off, calling back over her shoulder, "I have to go apologize to someone for using their nose."

She ran up to the man she'd spotted at the edge of the park.

"Wotcher, um, professor! It is professor, right? You were at the staff table and all so it seems a safe assumption."
"It's you! With the hair!"

He looked around at the display of eyecatching snow feats and pulled out his camera. "Interesting hobby you have. Creevey, by the way, Colin Creevey. Still not used to being called professor."
"Now, if I were a flamingly gay man in search of a narcissistic, wealthy head of overpoweringly blonde hair...how ever would I find him?"

Ginny had eyed each sculpture as she walked through the park, counting down the line with a pointed finger as if following the landmarks on a treasure map. Eventually, her gaze and her smirk landed just where she knew it would - on Draco Malfoy.

"Oh yes. Of course. What was I thinking? Everyone knows you follow the trail of pornographic sex scenes depicted in ice and snow in the center of town and...voila!"

Draco blinked as Colin snapped his picture before quickly starting to mug for the camera. "This was unfortunately female professors, pity they didn't bring you. Cute school boys would have been," Draco stopped as he recalled exactly what some of his classmates had looked like at that age, "jail-bait!"

Spotting Ginny, Draco grinned and waved her over. "Get over here and get your picture taken with the snow orgy! We can send one to the Weasel and hopefully kill him off!"
"I believe my cousin just called you cute jailbait, professor," Tonks laughed.

"Are you going to stand for that?"
Tonks had thrown a friendly "Wotcher" back at Ginny and then stood back amusedly to watch the incipent snow fight.

She sidled closer to Colin, partly to complete introductions but mostly to have someone to duck behind if worse came to worst.

"Yeah, Ginny, this is Colin. And everyone knows Draco, and I'm Tonks, which I never did say, did I? Sorry, Jailbait! And ... I'm sorry, so who's the tall, dark worker bee over there?"
He hadn't noticed the other man before but once biscuit lady - Tonks - pointed him out, Colin tried to dodge back behind her and nearly tripped over someone's feet.

"I know him, Biscuit! That's Goyle, he's one of Draco's goons. Or, at least, he was back in school."
"... Biscuit?" Comprehension dawned and Tonks laughed. "Oh! Well done."

"So that's a goon. Draco does have everything." Her attention wandered from Goyle and she turned to address Colin directly, found he wasn't where she was expecting, and turned — gracelessly — some more.

"I never had one, myself. Have you? Do you suppose you just stop by the shops and select one?"