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Pansy Parkinson

Pansy ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

Left Wanting
Tuesday, January 30th ~ Early Afternoon

Pansy gasped, arms trembling as they held her weight. The man beneath her shuddered and huffed his release, and she screamed as it happened.

It wasn't the best she'd ever had. Hell, it wasn't even the best she'd had this month, but it was good.

Just as Pansy had coaxed his orgasm from his body, the Goddess within had drawn his strength, his potency, his magic.

She threw back her head and groaned in pleasure, before rolling off of - whatever his name was.

"Hey babe, that was - wow that was something else, but I'm uh..."

Pansy pulled her shirt dress on and quickly buttoned it. "I know, babe."

She paused to fluff her hair in the mirror on the wall and smiled at the sight of him trying to roll off the bed and having to flop back, out of breath. "I was hoping for something more, myself."

Then she let herself out of the flat.
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