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Harry James Potter

Daphne, Sirius and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

Do you see the thing-a-ma-bob that goes on this doohickey?
Sunday, January 28th ~ Early Afternoon

The area rug in the main sitting room probably wasn't designed with a motorcycle in mind and Harry had taken the precaution of putting a few repellent spells on it, but it probably would have been wiser to roll it up. He only thought about that after the first few things had been removed and spread around.

I should have stuck it with the furniture, he decided with a wince when the first few drops of oil hit it.

Who knew changing the plugs and oil would be so - complicated.

And what the hell does this thing-a-ma-bob do?


Harry's finger tasted awful and he sputtered a bit after taking it back out of his mouth.

"Well, I damned sure won't be touching that again," he muttered while turning to look at the book opened on the table behind him. A few paragraphs were read and the section of the diagram studied before a judgment was made.

"According to this - that shouldn't..."

Glancing over at Sirius he eyed him suspiciously before asking, "Did you modify it to do that?"
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