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Warning sign, warning sign,
I see it but I pay it no mind.
Thursday, January 25 • Evening

Shards of a firewhiskey bottle littered the floor near the hearth.

A second bottle was well on its way to being drained as well, and the wizard who held it was glaring at the bottle as if that were completely its fault.

Their magic was gone, or at least dwindled. The reserves the man had concealed most of his life, the strength that had allowed him to do wandless magic carelessly, even lazily, had been sapped away.

This is what came of dallying with females.

Remus glowered and took another gulp from the bottle, the fiery liquid offering little solace now but consumed nonetheless, as if by rote.

Scenes from the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom over the past two days continued to replay through their mind, the near disasters that had occurred before the Defense master realized that he was now no more powerful than an average fourth-year. The man had salvaged the situation, transforming a simple lesson on blocking hexes such as the Entrail-Expelling Curse into a rather more hands-on "learning experience" than originally planned.

The students had loved it, and apparently none had noticed the alarm and humiliation revealed briefly on Lupin's face.

Parkinson. It had to have been her. Why did ... how could I?

We had the right, we are not tethered yet ... and she has done the same. Who may gainsay the right of the alpha?

The wolf was disgruntled by the fact that rutting with the Parkinson girl had not had any benefits beyond the momentary gratification the act had provided. It had failed as an effort to overcome the Astronomy professor's influence — the pitiful human was devoting himself to a bewildered sort of self-flagellation over the encounter, when the wolf permitted him to remember. And it had led to this ... aberration.

A better course of action would have been to prey upon the other bint who had walked back into the picture.

More dangerous for the wolf, reigniting those long-dead embers, but if it succeeded — that was the lever that would dislodge the man's primacy. And most of the humans who could possibly influence the man within would be harmed irreparably. The wolf could then assert itself at will.

So the man had been made weak — so what? The wolf brooded.

So much the better for us.

Soon, all would see, and they would be avenged upon them all.

The females will know their place.
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