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Charlie & Hagrid (Percy in the shadows)~Three Broomsticks~Complete

The Only Trouble With Wearing A Bag On Your Head Is You Run Into a Lot of Trees.
Monday, January 22 ~ Afternoon

Honestly, he'd thought of calling in sick. Trouble with that was his Mum would be over at the cabin ASAP with soup and asking what was wrong. Damn, if that would work because Charlie knew that she would somehow know what was wrong and he'd definitely have to move to Timbuktu, not that he wasn't contemplating the move anyway.

As long as he didn't see any of the people at the club that night he could pretend it didn't happen. He argued with himself that it wasn't so bad, it wasn't like he was ashamed of his body or anything. Except taking money for it was a bit like prostitution, right? And Malfoy hand rubbed his arse in his crotch.Charlie screwed his eyes at that thought, wondering if he could ask Bill to Oblivate him without telling him why.

Walking across the pub with his eyes still shut, he hit something solid and bounced back, almost landing on top of a table. Charlie opened his eyes to see what the hell he'd ran into. "Hey there, Hagrid."
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