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Gabrielle, Bill and Arthur ~ Letters ~ Complete

Now my curtain has been drawn
And my heart can go
Where my heart does belong
I'm going home

Thursday, January 11th

Owl to Bill


Wow. This is weird to write, but guess what? I'm married!

...did you keel over? Sorry.

Joachim and I broke up a short while before I moved to there and I ran into him at a cafe when I first came back and well... Aside from reminding me why I love him so much he's made me realize that I don't need to be away from my family to be an individual and stand on my own two feet. I won't be coming back to live in Hogsmede (one of the girls I hired is going to run the shop there for me while I set up one here) and have taken care of my loan at Gringotts, so don't worry. I'm also writing to your parents to let them know and stress that you're a wonderful man and none of this is in any way your fault. It's the least I can do. You are a wonderful man and I hope you find someone that makes you happy. (Plus this might buy you a few years reprieve from marriage and baby talk!)

Thank you for all the help you've given me. I have no way to thank you enough really - but in the box the owl is carrying you'll find the best biscuits I could find. Maybe when I come to check on the store there you will allow us to buy you dinner?

My best, always,
Gabrielle Delacour-Feuillette

Owl to Molly and Arthur

Dear Molly and Arthur,

There is no easy way to tell you this and I hope someday you can forgive me. I want you to know that Bill is a wonderful, caring person and you did a marvelous job in raising him and you should be truly proud. That said - here comes the part where you hate me.

You see - I'm still in France and am staying. I got married. As much as I love your son, I'm not in love with him and hope for nothing but the best for him - for all of you. Thank you for allowing me to spend this time with your family.

My best, always,
Gabrielle Delacour-Feuillette
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