Sirius Black (un_veiled) wrote in __lightning__,
Sirius Black

Sirus and Remus ~ The woods near Glen Hollow ~ Complete

They just like monsters
they come to feed on me,
giant little animals to feed
Wednesday, January 3 ~ Night

Damn it. Damn!

You owe me more than just a few bits of pot roast for this, Moony.

Padfoot cursed his lack of memory as a bit of snow-covered brush came back and smacked him in the snout.

He was running, trying to catch Moony's scent and at the same time racking his brains to figure out just what the hell Remus was up to — as far as Sirius could remember, Lupin had never acted like this before, when they were back at Hogwarts ... but then, how could Sirius be sure? Even if he could speak, there was no one whom he could ask, other than the werewolf himself ... who was nowhere to be found.
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