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Viktor and Anne ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.
~ Thomas Carruthers
Saturday, December 22nd ~ Afternoon

Anne hadn't realized how quickly she would become used to having the students milling around everywhere she went. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade were both - so quiet since the majority had departed for the holidays and it made her almost uneasy. While she wasn't a professor - she had volunteered to remain 'behind', so to speak, so that those with family close by could spend it with their relatives. Anne could have made arrangements to travel to the States to see her parents, but she knew they had planned a vacation of sorts in a warmer climate. Rather than disrupt their plans for what Anne suspected was a second honeymoon, she'd elected to stay.

Her thoughts about Vera and to some extent Hermione were broken when she noticed a very large dog and then another in her peripheral vision. She turned her head to watch and had to smile. Their master was apparently taking advantage of the open grounds to give them a little exercise. Her hand rose in a little wave of greeting. She hadn't actually talked to the Flying Master, but she knew of him of course and had seen him occasionally during the mid-day meals. Her smile grew a little larger when she remembered the confessions of true love that had poured out of the mouths of a few of the students.

I wonder if the poor man realizes how many dreams he stars in every night?
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