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Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Daphne, Harry, Dobby, Draco and Winky ~*~ Glen Hollow and Draco's Flat ~*~ Complete

Another perfectly normal Sunday
Sunday, December 10th ~*~ Late Afternoon

Daphne was stretched out on the couch in front of the telly; Harry's head on a pillow in her lap as they watched a movie. Her fingers slid through his hair gently, brushing against his ear every once in awhile. The week had been hectic with all the shoppers stopping in for a bite to eat as they prepared for the holidays and it was so nice to be able to just relax and veg without a care in the world.

Her head tilted back, eye lids growing heavy as thoughts of an afternoon nap began to stir. Daphne shifted slightly to cuddle into the couch and froze at the unexpected sight of Dobby standing in the doorway wringing his hands.

"We've got company," she whispered to Harry. Best not to startle the insane eccentric elf.
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