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"A married man should forget his mistakes;
no use two people remembering the same thing."
- Duane Dewel
Saturday, December 9th ~ Early Morning

The morning sun made criss-cross patterns across the rich duvet, casting shades of brilliant copper and fire in the silver blonde hair of his sleeping wife. Lucius lay on his side watching her, the lazy morning comfortableness seeping into him. He was more relaxed at this minute of the day than any other and he savored it with a keen awareness he'd been denied it for too many years.

Carefully he lifted a lock of hair, letting it slide through his fingers.Watching the light play on the golden threads, Lucius decided it was time to ask her what he'd been considering for the pass weeks. He was confident that he could persuade her to agree, after all, it was for her benefit also. He released her hair and snaked his hand under the covers, finding her warm body and sliding his hand over her arm to find and cup a full breast. "Good morning, darling," he murmured against her ear as he pressed his body close to her warm one.
Narcissa had been woken from slumber many ways during her lifetime. Some not as pleasant as others. This had always been her favorite. The long absence of her husband from their bed had been cold in more ways than one. A sultry, almost soft smile played around her mouth. She knew that he couldn't see it and pretended slumber still claimed her. An old game they'd played came back to her in that moment and Narcissa wondered if he'd remember.

Making sure sleep still sounded in her voice, Narcissa murmured, "Steven, sweetheart? You need... to leave before... elves find you."
Lucius had just fond a delightful spot of satin skin where her ear met her neck, his lips pressed to the area when his entire body stiffened. Steven?

Cold rage began to ice in his stomach and he rose up slowly, his eyes stormy as he looked down at her. Had she been playing him a fool all this time and had indeed been keeping a lover when he was in Azkaban. No, she'd been too... untried when they'd reunited. Could she have taken him on recently.

"And just who is Steven, my wife?" he hissed. And I wonder where he'd like to be buried.
A silent giggle shook her shoulders. A sound that Narcissa rarely made and would never, ever let anyone outside of her husband hear. A soft groan sounded as she turned over while keeping her eyes closed. One of Narcissa's hands moved to stroke the thigh of her husband. She knew he would remember soon, especially as she was unable to keep the soft smile off of her face.

"Ah, not Steven then," she murmured sleepily. "It must be Quinton, who always wants to fancy himself as my husband."
It suddenly dawned on him what she was doing and he couldn't help but chuckle softly. The playful minx. They'd played this game before, before the darkness of servitude to a master, before he was incarcerated. He lightly nipped her shoulder as his hand moved back to her breast.

"I thought Marcus was the one that fancied that he was his your husband," he purred, putting his leg heavily over one of hers as his thumb flicked over a taut nipple.
He's remembered.

A sliver of sight was obtained through the one eye not covered by her hair before it was firmly shut. His actions made her want to purr, and her hand strayed closer to the center of his thighs.

"Hhm, Marcus was quite imaginative," she declared in a throaty voice. "But if you're not Quinton... What name are you called, passionate stranger, that I might remember this past night with pleasure when I hear it again."
"Call me a devil, an incubus passing by that could not resist the delectable charms you offer, madam," he said in a silky voice, his lips finding the inviting slender column of her throat as he hand drifted away from her breast to caress to softness of her flat stomach, feeling the skin quiver slightly beneath his fingertips.
"Ah, it has to be my long lost Lucius then," she murmured as she rolled closer to him and delivered a nip to the shoulder she found. Her body was warm and pliant in his arms, melting against him.

"I've missed you."
Her full breasts pressed tantalizingly against his chest, making his morning ardor more evident as his leg wrapped around hers more, his hardness pressing into her thigh.

"Not lost any more, Cissa," he murmured, his mouth trailing across her jaw to find her mouth.
Her teeth nibbled at his bottom lip before it was suckled lightly and her eyes finally opened to gaze on her husband with a wicked grin on her face.

"Remind me to have the others thrown in the dungeon, my love. They were... adequate, but now that you're home - they just won't do."
"The dungeon sounds excellent. After all, I'm sure you would like to 'play' with them from time to," he drawled, a small smile curving his lips, his hand moving lower. His fingers danced over the curls at the juncture of her thighs, his eyes a veiled stormy gray.

"Perhaps I should prove how inadequate they truly were."
A husky laugh sounded and Narcissa drew one finger down the side of his jaw while her mouth appreciated the slightly rough surface of his unshaven skin.

"You'd better put forth your best effort, darling. Frederic might be waiting in the wings," she teased before nipping the lobe of one ear.
"The French fop?" he drawled, his exploring fingers dipping lower and finding her wetness. "I hardly think a man like him could satisfy such a lusty woman."

Lucius moved his head away from her, a sly look on his face before he lowered his mouth to her breast.
Much later, a very contented Narcissa curled up on her side next to her husband and nibbled on his ear.

"You'll be glad to know those other gentlemen don't stand a chance, Lucius," was breathed into the shell of that ear before she kissed the side of his face and put her head down on his shoulder.
A very sly, sated smile was on his lips as he turned to nuzzle the top of her hair. "As I knew they wouldn't," he drawled, draping his leg over hers. "After all, you my darling, demand the best."

They were silent as they lay their together enjoying the glow of their love making, Lucius moreso than she could ever dream. He was very convinced that he could persuade her to have another child, an heir that would fulfill what Draco would not. He would convince her that it was the wise course of action, once she found herself pregnant for little did his wife know that he'd replaced her Contraceptive potion with a Fertility one.