Professor S. Vera Vector (v_vector) wrote in __lightning__,
Professor S. Vera Vector

Adrian, Hestia, Roger and Vera * The Three Broomsticks * Incomplete

It's entertainment
keep the crowd on their toes,
it's justice, we're safe.
It's not a hit, it's a holiday
Monday, November 27 * Evening

"Honestly!" Vera's voice rang through the semi-crowded pub.

"It's like the second coming of the Weasley twins — but why did they have to choose both the Great Hall and the second floor classrooms? The smell will linger for days, mark my words."

The Arithmancy professor groused some more, grumbling loudly enough to get the elderly wizard sitting alone at the large table in the middle of the 'Sticks to clear off to a quieter corner where he could nurse his ale in peace.
Tags: adrian_pucey, hestia_jones, roger_davies, vera_vector

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