William Weasley (broken_weasley) wrote in __lightning__,
William Weasley

Bill and Harry and Witnesses ~ The Phoenix ~ Complete

A word, if I may?
Monday, November 20th ~ Afternoon

Bill edged his way past a group of children in Hogwarts uniforms, all carrying cameras - The hell? - and silently slid into one of the practice dueling rooms at the Phoenix. Maybe now wasn't such a good time, but this had been bothering him for awhile now and needed to get it off his chest.

Harry was just finishing up some sort of talk or something and that Creevey guy from Harry's Halloween party started to herd the kids out.

"Oi, Harry, do you have a sec? I need to talk to you."
Tags: bill_weasley, colin_creevey, doris_crockford, harry_potter, severus_snape
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