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Pansy Parkinson

Pansy and Bill ~ The 'Sticks and her flat ~ MA ~ Complete

One can hunger for many things.

Friday, November 3rd ~ Late afternoon

Pansy picked through her fruit salad with obvious distaste. All of the colorful chunks were common and most likely found at the market in town, not a single exotic bit of flesh to sink her teeth into. She speared another slice of melon and tossed it the spare plate she'd requested, then dropped her fork in disgust.

She was hungry, starving; yet nothing appealed to her appetite.

The sparse pre-dinner crowd in the pub had been beneath her notice earlier, but now she took the time to study them like test subjects from a Potions lesson.

That one was far too old. His companion younger but... Pansy shuddered as she realized those couldn't be his natural teeth. Across the pub was possible candidate but he was with a woman, and judging from the way she kept placing her hand upon his arm or touching his hand she wouldn't be pleased if Pansy were to interrupt their discussion. Pity. The woman wasn't unattractive.

Closing her eyes wearily, Pansy leaned her head back against the booth and sighed.

Why did I come here?
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